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Writers' Village University is more than a great place to learn how to write; it's a living, breathing community of writers from around the world. Education should be a life-long pursuit for beginning and experienced writers. At Writers' Village University, you'll get to know a community of friendly, helpful members who have made education an important part of their lives.

The "Village," as writers often refer to Writers' Village University, is a full-time support service and is always growing, offering new courses, seminars and special programs. As a member, you may take as many courses and workshops as you'd like. Many seminars are included too. You won't need to spend thousands of dollars on MFA programs, university creative writing courses and workshops like I've done.  -- Best of all, you can fit courses to your schedule and pace. Programs are available for every level of writer. If you're a beginner, you won't have to worry about harsh, intimidating criticisms of your work. We prefer to encourage and build confidence. For more advanced writers, we provide guidelines that encourage detailed, constructive criticism  with an emphasis on balance. We know it's just as important to point out the strong points in a writer's work as it is to suggest areas to improve.

--  RJ Hembree

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WVU's Fiction MFA is back with added courses and more flexibility. New classes begin every Thursday. The MFA Foundation Series are 2-week courses. The Advanced MFA courses run between 2 and 18 weeks. You can now take courses individually at your own pace. Three levels are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced writers. All courses will run in rotation, so if you miss or can't complete one, you can jump in on the next round. MFA courses are free to all WVU Members.

Course dates are for group workshops. Members also have 24/7 access to WVU courses for independent study.

Last day for registration is the Saturday following start date.

Course Schedule

August, September & October classes. 

Classes starting August 27 

B116 Revising and Editing  

F140 Short Story Workshop – Linear  

F208 Writing The Screenplay Part 2   

P302 Lead or Silver? Revising Your Poems


Classes starting August 28 

MFA 201  Discovering the Rose in the Rubble


Classes starting September 3 

B136 Introduction to Fiction Writing  

F114 Dialogue  

F204 Introduction to Screenwriting  

N108 Writing Articles Part 1


Classes starting September 4 

MFA 202  Finding Triggers


Classes starting September 10 

B130 Basics to Create Dynamic Characters 

C104 Comedy Writing: Working with Jokes 

F122 Writing the Mystery Novel   

P168 Poetry Triggers - Using Points of View in Poetry Part 1


Classes starting September 11 

MFA 203  The Masks of Fiction 


Classes starting September 17 

B101 WVU Orientation, facilitated by Melissa Anne 

B164 Personification  

F246: Writing Historical Fiction   

N128 Writing from the Heart   


Classes starting September 18 

MFA 204  The Fiction Writer's Apprenticeship


Classes starting September 24 

F255 Write Fright   

F300 Crafting Stories for Children

N142 Journal-Keeping 

P166 Poetry Triggers - Line Breaks in Poetry 


Classes starting September 25 

MFA 205  Developing Characters


Classes starting October 1   

B126 Lights, Camera...Wait a Minute, Where Are We

F110 Where Creativity Lives

N110 Writing Articles Part 2

P170 Poetry Triggers - Using Points of View in Poetry, Part 2

Using Time Perspectives


Classes starting October 2 

MFA 206  Minor Characters


Classes starting October 8 

B103 Grammar, facilitated by Janet Smith   

F142 Short Story Workshop - Free Form   

F128 Taking the Intimidation Out of Theme  

P172 Poetry Triggers - Using Music as an Inspiration to Write Poetry


Classes starting October 9 

MFA 207  Setting and Character


Classes starting October 15 

B101 WVU Orientation, facilitated by Melissa Anne  

B142 Blockbusters    

C114 Comedy Workshop: Working With Alternate Meanings     

F152 Horror Writing


Classes starting October 16  

MFA 208  Difficult Characters


Classes starting October 22 

B113 Constructive Feedback, facilitated by Melissa Anne  

B128 Opening Hooks 

F126 Story Structures   

F178 Writing Boosters - Recipe #2


Classes starting October 23 

MFA 209  Point of View Basics


Classes starting October 29 

N110 Writing for Articles Part 2    

F212 Heroes and Heroines (Sixteen Master Archetypes)    

N124 Writing for a Living   

F216 Writing Boosters - Recipe #3


Classes starting October 30 

MFA 210  The Art of First Person